School Counselor

QUALIFICATIONS: Valid Professional Educator License
Valid School Counselor Endorsement
Ability to effectively communicate with all stakeholders (i.e. students, staff, parents, and community agencies)
Ability to work effectively with all racial, ethnic, linguistic, disability, and socio-economic groups.
Ability to travel to various locations throughout the District
REPORTS TO: BUILDING PRINCIPAL ____________________________________________________________________
Under the general supervision of the Director of Pupil Services, to provide students, parents, administrators, and other teaching staff with information on career and / or educational opportunities; administer and interpret career assessment tools; and assist students in developing educational and occupational goals and plans.
Provides individual and group counseling to students with identified concerns and needs;
Addresses bullying, decision making, and conflict resolution skills with all students;
Refers children and their parents to special programs, specialists, and outside agencies when appropriate;
Coordinates with administrators and other teaching staff members to ascertain individual student's abilities and needs, including students with special needs, and to familiarize stakeholders with guidance services;
Serves as ready resource to students to provide counseling that will lead each student to increased personal growth, self-understanding, and maturity;
Encourages parental involvement in students' education and ensures effective communication with students and parents;
Fulfills the school counselor's responsibilities in the intervention team process (i.e. MTSS) by actively participating in the meetings;
Consults with teachers regarding academic programming for students (i.e. special education, retention, acceleration, etc?);
Reviews and disaggregates student achievement, attendance and behavior data to identify and implement interventions as needed;
Assists students in making course and subject selections, as well as with evaluating career interests and choices;
Assists in the scheduling of classes;
Obtains and disseminates information regarding occupational opportunities to students and to classes studying occupations;
Assists students with admissions, scholarship and identifying employment opportunities;
Researches educational and career opportunities, and coordinates with teachers, college and university personnel, resource specialists, and business and community organizations for the purpose of providing information, and making recommendations;
Assists with the registration and orientation of students who are new to the school regarding procedures and educational opportunities;
Serves as a leader in the school and community to promote and support student success;
Plans and coordinates field trips to institutions of higher learning, businesses and other organizations related to guidance responsibilities;
Develops and maintains professional relationships with members of institutions of higher learning and the business community;
Organizes and maintains a system for accurate and complete record-keeping and providing student information to prospective colleges and employers, as required by district procedures and applicable laws;
Provides professional development in social emotional and behavioral development to staff;
Continues to acquire professional knowledge and learn of current developments in the educational field by attending seminars, workshops or professional meetings, or by conducting research;
Assists in the administration of district and / or state assessments;
Uses available technology resources to enhance the school counseling program;
Attends staff meetings and serves on staff committees as required.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Extended contract (190 days) position with salary and hours to be established by the Board of Education.
EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be aligned to the FEA contract.
This job description has been reviewed and is in accordance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

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