Curriculum Coordinator of Assessment, Research and Accountability - 200 days

Supports all state/local assessment, research and accountability functions in an effort to improve academic outcomes. The Assessment Coordinator is responsible for leading the coordination and the administration of state and district assessments, including PARCC tests; provides training and guidance for school-based assessment coordinators; assists in the evaluation of programs; assists in grading and reporting philosophy.
Have a strong vision of exemplary 21st century learning skills;
Expert knowledge and experience with student centered learning practices, including: project based learning, inquiry based learning, and research;
Knowledge of state and federal school accountability systems;
Expertise managing, supervising, and/or coordinating state or local assessment programs;
Comfortable learning new online assessment management interpretation of data, technical precision, accuracy, readability, and editorial correctness;
Applying quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify trends, make predictions, and interpret results;
Communicating effectively, both orally and writing;
Have a demonstrated record of seeking growth, responding well to challenge, and accepting the need for change when there is valid evidence that a practice is not working;
Have a demonstrated record of seeking opportunities to collaborate actively with colleagues on teaching and learning challenges;
Demonstrated knowledge of district curriculums, programs, and current initiatives in instruction;
Demonstrated ability to use assessment data to inform instruction and programming decisions;
Have a demonstrated record of leadership including designing and developing professional development opportunities for staff;
Demonstrated ability to provide high quality presentations to teachers, administrators and the Board of Education;
Excellent interpersonal skills; oral and written communication skills;
Demonstrated ability to utilize instructional technology and understanding of TPACK philosophy;
Have an excellent record of attendance and high ethics;
Evidence of strong decision making ability and use of sound judgment;
Experience applying high-level organizational skills, and successfully managing and coordinating a number of projects and tasks;
Collaborates with Central Office Administrators, Principals, Assistant/Associate Principals, Instructional Leaders, Technology Integration Coach, teachers and all staff to meet the goals of the District's Instructional Priorities, District Improvement Goals, and Strategic Plan;
Work cooperatively and collectively with principals, supervisors, department chairs, and teachers to ensure curriculum, instructional programs and services are coordinated in all K-12 schools and are administered uniformly and equitably;
Coordinates and facilitates the implementation of Standards Based Report Cards;
Assists/coaches teachers in integrating formative assessment practices in schools and individual classrooms. This includes assisting teachers as they develop assessment items, analyze student work, and making instructional decisions based on the results of those assessments;
Remain abreast of local, state, federal, and court ordered mandates, technical and professional trends, and developments impacting the analyses and reporting of school district data;
Coordinate and supervise the administration of all assigned, state-mandated and local assessments;
Provide leadership in the conceptualization, design, analysis, and reporting of student assessment, accountability, survey, and other data to identify historical trends, predict student performance, and support campus and district planning;
Attend and present academic reports at board meetings as needed;
Analyze assessment, accountability, and survey data and prepare reports that are accurate and apply appropriate data analysis techniques;
Assist schools with the interpretation of the assessment and accountability results for the purpose of improved student performance;
Maintain test security and confidential integrity of state assessment instruments and provide campus and other staff members with training related to proper assessment procedures;
Collaborate with other departments including, Pupil Personnel Services, and Equity Department to ensure proper testing of students;
Prepare and post reports to the department website as a communication tool to district personnel and the community;
Develops, communicates, and demonstrates research proven instructional strategies at professional staff development in-service and within the classrooms;
Assist with the planning and coordination of professional learning for District School Improvement Days, Inservice Days, and Institute days;
Spend at least 25% of time in schools working collectively with administrators, teachers, and staff to ensure that district instructional initiatives are being implemented uniformly and with fidelity in all classrooms;
Keep abreast of new materials, current research trends, techniques and ideas through reading professional materials and attendance at seminars, conferences, workshops within and outside of the district;
Assume any other duties as may from time to time be delegated by the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. The Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction may make any adjustment in the scope of responsibilities as outlined above which will be in the best interest of the school district;
Must be able to travel between school buildings;
Must be able to lift up to 40 pounds;
Must be able to participate in out-of-district professional learning as needed;
Must be able to attend and present information at board meetings as needed;
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: (200 days) Certified position with salary, differential and hours to be established by the Board of Education under the negotiated agreement between FSD#145 and the FEA. Once the curriculum is stabilized in this area, the position will be reviewed to see if the assignment is further needed as a district position.
EVALUATION: Performance will be evaluated in accordance with the provision established by the Board of Education. The curriculum coordinator will be evaluated by the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
This job description has been reviewed and is in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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