Heat Treat Operator - 3rd Shift

Company Name:
Heat Treat Operator - 3rd shift
Summary: Operates various Heat Treating equipment per specifications and performs lab related functions.
Team members must be able to work together closely and assist one another in performing all phases of production. Initiative, cooperation and good communication skills are essential to be an effective contributor to the team.
Team members are expected to perform all related functions of their job classification on various machines; maintain records of and work from prints, specifications, route cards, control plans and other written or verbal instructions; complete related inspection, setup, productivity, quality and routing records; participate in special assignments, such as giving tours and working on various committees, problem solving task teams within or outside the department; interface with all support personnel such as engineering, maintenance, and other production departments.
The heat treat operator is responsible for making sure that all parts are processed correctly, this includes making sure the part number is correct, verifying the process with the process print before, during, and after the heat treat operation. The heat treat operator must not deviate from documented processes without authorization such as an engineer change, process change, or confirmation from the Team Leader.
Some specific duties include: racking and un-racking parts, filling out all paperwork correctly which may involve entering it correctly on a computer, making sure parts are processed with the correct cycles, times and temperatures, and performing all required metallurgical tests such as case depth verification, hardness, and microstructure. All procedures must be followed without exception. May use fork trucks, electric and hand trucks or hoists to perform tasks. Basic computer skills are required.
Also required daily housekeeping of the lab and general department as well as their assigned equipment.
Responds with commitment and sensitivity toward satisfying the needs of internal and external customers. Promotes quality and continuous improvement philosophy.
Evaluates situations objectively and demonstrates the ability to make timely decisions that are intended to have a positive effect on work performance.
Organizes and prioritizes work assignments to complete assignments/tasks on time, with quality, and has the ability to anticipate problem areas in advance. Applies creative approaches and ideas to solve problems maximizing effective use of appropriate resources.
Demonstrates flexibility in approach and ideas, responds positively and supports changes in procedures, process, technology, responsibility and assignments.
Maintains cooperative and productive working relationships and communications with all employees, participating effectively as a team member or as a team leader. Encourages and assists in self-improvement.
Demonstrates a commitment to maintain a safe, clean and orderly work area. Follows safety regulations and actively contributes to work safety.
Possesses appropriate personal tools as requested by department facilitator.
High School diploma/(GED) or equivalent experience and 1 year experience desired.

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